Sponsoring children.

Who can sponsor?
Anyone who feels that an underprivileged child has right to a better future.

Who am I sponsoring?
The child you sponsor lives in an impoverished areas of Africa. Some of these children are child labourers whose essential needs are not being met on a daily basis.

Your sponsorship is very important because it makes it possible to help more children who do not have godmothers and godfathers. In reality, the concept of “a sponsored child” is symbolic, given that your generosity is in fact helping up to 6 children!

Can I correspond with the sponsored child directly and send them gifts?
Our number 1 priority is to protect the child as well as to respect and uphold their social and cultural environment. Therefore, for the sake of protecting the emotional well-being of the child, it is not possible to correspond with him or her.

Although your kindness towards the children is greatly appreciated by the staff at TRAINT, imagine if only a select group of children received letters and gifts…this will only create a sense of animosity and jealousy among the children giving way to emotional imbalance in their lives.

Areas of concern:
Children and their health, children and education, children and violence, children working and living on the streets, children and participation, children living with HIV/AIDS, minorities, rights based programmes. Following this light, we hope to ensure their development, growth and protection.

Sponsor a child:
Online donation:  All donations, large or small, regular or occasional, go towards making a life-changing difference in a child’s life.