We are a group of individuals with common interest aimed at promoting health, education and to add values in the life of children and their families.Transformers international abbreviated TRAINT is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organisation. It is simply a group of people with common interest of transforming the lives of the vulnerable and underprivileged children of Cameroon in particular and Africa as a whole.

TRAINT is aimed at inspiring a generation and advocate for the rights of children by assisting them with their basic needs such as good health, food and education, and also developing their potentials.

”Every Child Deserves To Grow With Love And A family”


  • Every child should grow with love……Through love and acceptance, emotional wounds are healed and confidence is built in the life of a child. Children learn to trust and believe in themselves and others. With this self-assurance each child can recognise and fulfil his or her potential.
  • Every child belongs to a family… Family is the heart of society. Within a family each child is protected and enjoys a sense of belonging. Here, children learn values, share responsibilities and form life-long relationships. A family environment gives them a solid foundation on which to build their lives.
  •  Every child should grow with respect…..Each child’s voice is heard and taken seriously. Children participate in making decisions that affect their lives and are guided to take a leading role in their own development. The child grows with respect and dignity as a cherished member of his or her family and society.


  • To support and provide a strategy for a better tomorrow for the vulnerable and underprivileged children of Cameroon/Africa and their social environment
  • The surest way to break out of the cycle of poverty is through education. Education can significantly improve the quality of life of a family for generations to come. When the basic needs of a child, such as food are not met, education often becomes the last priority.


Give a man fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ However, successful development assistance begins not with giving fish or teaching how to fish, but rather with understanding whether the person wants to fish.

We believe that the key to sustainable development of children is to carefully listen and understand their true needs.

We make child care, education, and health care available to children and their families. We help families and communities become stronger so they can organise child care, education and health care and take better care of their children.